Jesse Genepi (b.1995) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.
 Holding a BFA from the University of Minnesota and an MFA from the University of California-Davis, Genepi's paintings embody a dialogue with collage traditions, influenced by the historical 'cut-up technique', as well as queer, esoteric and visionary art currents. The paintings are born from a collaborative third-mind matrix, a fusion of cut-up diagrams and illustrations from the digital realm, where reality is repeatedly abstracted, layered, and compressed. Within these layers, lay evidence of embedded histories. The convergence of colors, textures, and brushstrokes display the intricate interplay of human relationships and emotions as thought-forms, presenting micro/macrocopic constants as visual metaphors, namely the collapsing and colliding nature of human relationships.
Within this visual language lies a syncretism, a collaging of different beliefs, blending practices from various schools of thought. Visual forms linked to alchemy, astrology, quantum mechanics, sigil magick, and digital technologies can be recognized. The resulting visual language becomes a vehicle for sharing this transformative process, beckoning the viewer to delve into the layers of reconstructed forms and motifs woven into the artwork. 
Each painting serves as a portal towards new cosmological possibilities.
Recent exhibitions include "Black Lodge" at Island Gallery, "The Marble Mouth Oracle" at Below Grand and "Where With All" at the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art. Jesse was a 2023 artist-in-residence at Art House San Clemente

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